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Real Estate and property "Estate"

Posted by Anita White on October 10, 2014 at 3:25 PM

Real Estate and property in "Estate."


Recently I assisted a family that lost their brother to type 2 diabetes. He died fairly young. One of his siblings called me on a Tuesday morning to come talk with her and her 5 siblings about selling his house. That afternoon I met them at the house. They told me they were all over 65 years of age. As I walked in, I realized they were all in a deep part of the grieving process: one of them in denial, some in disbelief, some anger and some deeply sad. Navigating the emotions and staying enough on point, was a skill I had learned in my Therapeutic Coaching training.


My job was a delicate conversation about selling their brothers home. He didn't have a Will so there was a legal process that had to tandem and work with the real estate process. I am grateful for the support of the paralegal that is managing the legal end of this transaction, as well as the other resources I had to garner to get this house on the market.


Today I shared this story with a wise woman in my network Dana Olson Erickson. She suggested I let people know this special area of expertise of real estate in "estate" Coaching. I assist family, friends and others in access the necessary resources to sell a home of a deceased or dying family member. Because of my grief education, coaching and facilitation experiences, I am able to coach family members through the emotional and material process of listing and selling property with solutions and compassion. Whether the property is in probate or not, I am an emphatic professional that can pace and lead the process.

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