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WhiteLighter Coaching Quest

"No Matter Who You Think You Are,

You Are Always So much More Then That!"



"Bring the body and the mind will follow."

Posted by Anita White on November 19, 2012 at 10:40 AM


There are people, places and situations that trigger uncomfortable thoughts or feelings. I have fear, anger and disassociation as my key indicators. These thoughts and feelings may be conscious or unconscious.


I react in fight or flight. Which usually results in inconsiderate abandonment or harsh words, in essence self sabotage I may not be able to identify what is going on internally and I sometimes loose motivation and want to quit. I isolate, pout and disengage with life.


One of my strategies is to get out of my state of mind by filling it with conversations, fellowship or information.


Especially when I am grieving, my body has no desire to leave the house, but my mind can convince me get me to go. So I go to a meeting, support group or educational opportunity to focus on positive healing thinking.


The synapses in my brain grow when I am learning. I need the outside stimulus to do it, know it and feel it.


I may or may not be consciously aware of how the emotional shift happens, but the relief is welcome!

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